Международный семинар "Управление публичной политикой", 27-28 июня 2015 г., Санкт-Петербург

International Seminar “Governance of Public Policy: Cultures and Regimes in Networking Contexts”
St. Petersburg, Russia, June 27-28, 2015
(English and Russian language)
IPSA RC 48-Administrative Culture together with the Russian Political Science Association (RC on Comparative Politics) cordially invite you to submit proposals for the international seminar, “Governance of Public Policy: Cultures and Regimes in Networking Contexts,” which will be held at the Saint Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia, on 27-28 June 2015.
The two-day international seminar is organized for the purpose of determining the cultural and institutional perspectives of the new political science direction, "The Governance of Public Policy". The actuality of the seminar is determined by scientific and practical factors. The social scientific actuality is related to the search of foundations for handling processes rather than systems of organization of public policy. The practical actuality is determined by the need to push forward the academically constructed model of public policy regimes in the direction of the evaluation of public policy processes. The novelty of the project is defined by the opportunity to discuss innovative components of the social scientific subfield ‘the governance of public policy’ for the research and assessment of the public policy process. The intent is to achieve more governability and competitiveness of modern states in both the international network and multi-cultural contexts. The plan is to publish the conference proceedings, "The Governance of Public Policy", as well as to use the results of the seminar in addressing methodological issues of policy sciences and the improvement of teaching master's programs in public policy and administration.
The working languages are English and Russian.
The number of participants is 60.
The deadline for submission of paper proposals is 1 March 2015.
Information on the accepted proposals and the invitation letters will be sent by 1 April 2015.
Please, send the abstract (200 words) with the information on yourself (name, university, position, contact tel., e-mail) to: seminargpp2015@gmail.com